Zip Lining

Zip Lining

For the last couple of months, my family has wanted to go zip lining over Grand Falls in Grand Falls, New Brunswick.  During their recent trip up to Northern Maine, we made it across the border and over to the falls for an adventure soaring high above the rushing water below.  Thanks to the awesome folks over at Zip Zag, we were able to make that adventure a reality!

The course is split into two sections.  In the first, you fly high above the gorge (about 125 feet in the air) on a zip that lasts about 14-20 seconds paralleling the traffic bridge.  Then, after a quick trek up a forested path, you climb a two-story tower and take a slightly slower voyage right above the churning falls themselves.  The views from each are stunning and well-worth the trek up to Grand Falls!

We went early in the season on April 7.  The falls were tumbling at a roaring pace and the mist from the water was freezing to the rocks along the gorge.  During our “flights,” there were a few snow flurries adding to the excitement.  The first round of travelers included Dave, Liz, Gabby and Chloe.  In round two, my mom and I took to the lines.  Managing the cameras and collecting video proof was dad, who kept both feet firmly planted on solid ground (though he did say after the fact that he might consider zipping during the next visit…  We won’t forget that!).

Enjoy some pictures and videos from the day below!  And if you’re in the Madawaska area and you plan on going, let us know–we’d do it again in a heartbeat.  I’m terrified of heights and rollercoasters and flying through the area supported by only a tiny wire, but I had a blast on the course!

“The Seise Family takes on Zip Zag in Grand Falls, NB!”

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