First Snow of the 2012-2013 Season!

First Snow of the 2012-2013 Season!

Can you believe it–the first snow hit us on October 12, 2012 this year, earlier than even I expected!  It was only an inch of wet accumulation that spared the roadways but covered much of the greenery.  With the sun rising, it’s all starting to melt away already–but it was a nice surprise to wake up to on a Friday morning.  I’m just glad David didn’t have to drive down to work this morning–though the roads aren’t icy, there’s still a certain air of treachery to the first few snowfalls.  A few pictures follow.










The backyard looking out from my office.










Tucker loves the snow!  He couldn’t wait to play outside this morning.










Looking to the east from the Maine Room deck–snow, snow, snow!

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