Hello there. My name is Alex Seise.

I’m a professional writer, marketing consultant and training developer. Thanks for stopping by my humble little site–it’s great to virtually meet you! By now, you’re probably wondering: what on Earth is this Alex character all about?  Well, the good news is: you’ve come to the right place. Read on to unravel the ball of yarn that is me.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the photos you’re seeing all over the place, from the headers to illustrations and backgrounds… These are all snaps I’ve taken on my journeys. You’ll notice a leafy green motif throughout these pages, and that’s intentional. I love, love, love plants and the vibrant energy they bring to our lives, and I wanted to give them some digital space right here. They play a big part in keeping my positive, energizing attitude in a constant state of growth, and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing them as you explore!

Writing, Writing, Writing

It’s the lemon curd to my croissant, the ‘Marco!’ to my ‘Polo!’ and the diesel that makes my engine roar like an ocelot. Writing invigorates me, and I savor it in all its forms. Whether business-oriented, creative marketing or off-the-wall fiction, I’ve never met a scribble I didn’t instantly love.

Media Amour

Words are wild, but delivering ’em the right way each and every time? That’s a rollercoaster ride that either achieves big thrills and high-fives, or a runaway train that careens off the track into sheer badness. I stick with the former: graphics, websites, print, oh, my!  You name it, and I make it happen.

Get It Into Their Heads

Speaking of trains…  I’m also passionate about learning.  (I know, I know: I’ve never been too cool for school.)  From drop-dead awesome E-Learning courses to unforgettable job aids, engaging live courses and everything in between, I help others yearn to learn.  Oh, yes.  I just went there.

The Essence of Alex

Heavy on Experience

Self-professed content junkie for well over fifteen years.

Published Pro

Author of several books. Also a rad web, magazine and newspaper writer.

A Big Black Book

Satisfied clients include HP, the Philly Inquirer and the US Government.

Versatility, Squared

Words, web, photos, design, video edits, audio mixes. I do it all.

Observer of Cycles

Always pedaling fast and furious to stay ahead of new tech trends.

Smiling? Absolutely!

Let’s just say: you’d be hard-pressed to find a frown around here.

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Books to Date

The Merits

Read up on Alex’s background & his successes to date.

The Man

Meet Alex, just as if you were gabbing over gin gimlets.


Coffees in '17


Amazing Courses

The Moxie

The cool things I do; or, why my clients come back time & again.

The Musings

A crazed descent into madn–nope, nope, it’s just my blog!


Miles Traveled by Cruise

Select Works

Glimpses into Alex's professional projects and photographic endeavors.
Swing By His Full Portfolio Here
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  • Branded Boarding Pass & Ticket


Let Alex Shape
Your Ideas
Into Something Great

We all have stories. But spinning them succinctly, effectively and, well, well–that’s no simple task. Fortunately, Alex excels in helping others tell their stories through a variety of media. From websites that dazzle and documents that make readers swoon to eye-catching photos and videos, personalized portfolio documents and brand swag that makes users say, “Oh!,” let him take your story and meld it into something spectacular.

Don’t just squeak out a story.  Sing it with all the bravado of a world-renowned soprano on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.  That’s the panache that Alex promises to bring to your projects, from day one.

The number one thing Alex hears from his first-time clients is a variation on this fretful exclamation: “But I don’t know where to even begin!!!”  Some are start-up firms who have just charged out the gate. Others are established, successful companies and corporations who have become spooked by new technology.  (No one’s blaming them; social media really is scarier than Michael Meyers, Freddie Krueger and the girl from The Grudge combined.)  But whether you’re new to the game or a long-time veteran, bring your questions to Alex and let him work with you to create a strategy matching your needs, budget and expectations.  No concern is too little or too frightening; he’ll be happy to provide you with a no-cost consultation and proposal to show what it’ll take to get you on the right track.  His specialties include:

Written Materials

Complete support from strategy documents and executive summaries to ghost writing, copy editing and public relations.

Striking Websites

Get your message out with a high-quality online presence (including a website and social profiles), custom designed to fit your mission.

Marketing & Branding

Find the best ways to push your products out to your target audience with cohesive, modern identities.

Training and Knowledge

Don’t just train your organization; tend to their knowledge with leading learning and knowledge management solutions.

  • Interior Travels needed a new website, collateral materials and specialty print handouts, and with several lucrative opportunities closing in, they needed them fast. That's why they contacted Alex Seise: to get the best results out the door quickly. He worked with the interior design firm to create an online presence that took visitors on a journey, in addition to printable materials that have helped bring new clients in.

    Interior Travels

    Interior Design FirmInterior Travels

    Interior Travels
  • Big data is a big deal. In this day and age, there's no shortage of information in modern businesses. So, when Hewlett-Packard (HP) needed leading-edge E-Learning and Instructor-Led Training for their big data solutions, they turned to Alex Seise. He delivered appropriately big solutions that keeps the company's operators, maintainers and other technical personnel working effectively.


    Communications & Media SolutionsHewlett Packard

  • Insurance is more than just premiums, policies and friendly neighborhood agents. Behind the scenes, there are countless software tools, regulations and considerations governing policies and procedures. Alex Seise helps State Farm with their training materials, including engaging E-Learning courseware, that helps connect underwriters and other personnel with complex tools and systems to make their work stronger.

    State Farm

    Learning & DevelopmentState Farm

    State Farm
  • Web design is an evolving art that constantly adapts to new trends, devices and ideas about communications. Melding it with history can be a challenge. Alex Seise helped the Westampton Township Historical Society and Rancocas Village create an innovative web presence that blends historical archives and stories with modern-day responsive design.

    Rancocas Village

    Westampton Township Historical SocietyRancocas Village

    Rancocas Village
  • The US Department of Defense relies on expert training to keep its troops informed and--by extension--protected from harm. Alex Seise worked with the US Special Operations Command (US SOCOM) to develop training to keep brave US Warfighters knowledgeable about trends and technology designed to protect them on the battlefield. He also supported other organizations within the US Department of Defense with content projects, including newsletters.


    US Special Operations CommandUS Department of Defense


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