Branded Boarding Pass & Ticket

  • Branded Boarding Pass & Ticket

Branded Boarding Pass & Ticket

When renowned interior design firm Interior Travels was looking for a custom marketing piece, they turned to Alex Seise. The project was initially open-ended: the only requirement was that the collateral be readily printable and easy to assemble by its design team on an as-needed basis, and that it incorporate their chic branding and global-themed style.

Alex immediately proposed something uniquely relevant to meet their needs: a two-piece printable handout in the form of a boarding pass. Inspired by trans-Atlantic airline flights between New York City (the firm’s headquarters) and Paris, France (the location of its satellite office), the boarding pass consists of a highly branded sheath and stylized interior ticket.

The sheath features several cutaway sections and fold marks to emulate a real boarding pass. It is easy to assemble and can be swapped out between three different designs based on the target audience. The exterior features a faux-leather print to add textural realism, regardless of the paper type used in printing. Inside, he prepared two pieces of content. The first is interchangeable copy targeted to specific markets (such as retail, real estate developers and luxury residential). The second is a static piece about the firm’s philosophy and its lead designer.

The removable ticket is designed to slip in and out of the holder, and it features a custom QR code that routes smartphone users directly to Interior Travels’ website. The ticket content blends flight-type data with the design firm’s contact information for a whimsical spin that sticks in recipients’ minds, enhancing brand retention.