An autumn day at the beach

An autumn day at the beach

On Sunday, Dave and I decided to visit the beach. It was a lovely day–just shy of 70-degrees with a smidgen of a cloud here and there–and we figured that it was late enough in the year that it’d be quiet.

The beach was absolutely stunning, and it was the perfect day for a nice, long stroll along the sand. Since Tropical Storm Ida barreled through just a few days before, there were a lot of murky puddles and piles of shells all along the waterfront. We could even see her remnants off in the distance–quite a sight to behold!

We wound up walking from the southern-most beach on Sandy Hook all the way to the tip, which took just over 1.5 hours. Unfortunately for us, the sun began setting when we reached the tip so we had to hurriedly rush back to the car along the access road. Of course, it was well worth the trouble of scuttling along a dark path when we caught these sweeping views of the sunset. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did!

Have you ever visited the beach in autumn? Tell me about it with a comment below!

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