Word of the Day: Guile

Word of the Day: Guile

In this series, I will take the Word of the Day from Dictionary.com and craft a short piece of creative writing around it.  My goal is to embrace the meaning of the word in some unique way, all the while trying out different styles, rhythms and characterizations.  It is as much an exercise in creativity as it is an exploration of grammar. Enjoy!

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By Alex Seise

Guile never eluded her, no less ardor, riches or quiet rides on horseback through the stillness of the night-shaded moors. She was magnificent, a splendorous slender ruby in organic form. Maids drenched her locks in rich hennas from the east, and her skin was daily dusted in ground rouge minerals with coarse brushes that stung and further reddened her cheeks. Her warm glow intoxicated men and sent shivers down the spines of lesser women every time she appeared in the gallery at court. Bards followed wherever she went while courtesans threw rose petals in front of her path. Life in the royal fold was a garden, and the scarlet dame was the queen of tendrils; caressing some gently yet strangling others during a ceaseless upwards climb toward the sun.

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