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  • The Road Up Cadillac Mountain

    The road that curls along Cadillac Mountain–the tallest peak in Acadia National Park–is a windy one.  Lined with tooth-like shards of ruddy granite and frequented by cool, salty fogs that rise up off Frenchman Bay, the curvy byway is a treacherous route. But for those who wish to visit the tree-hugged summit of the mountain, it […]

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  • Lecture Series Collateral Suite

    Every year around Halloween, Dr. Michele Lise Tarter presents a lecture about witches, women through the ages and all things magic. It is a fascinating evening filled with history, haunting tales of injustice and the wisdom of women through the ages. When Dr. Tarter wanted to expand the lecture beyond New Jersey, she requested Alex’s […]

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  • Icy Shores

    Ask just about anyone what comes to mind when they hear the name, “Maine.”  Lobsters, blueberries, moose and vacations are the most likely images that spring to mind. These summery delights are, sure enough, quintessentially Downeast; however, life in the Pine Tree State continues to roll ahead long after the tourists leave town. These images of […]

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