E-Learning Course Customization

  • E-Learning Course Customization

E-Learning Course Customization

In response to a request from a large medical distributor, Alex Seise developed the following training capability within Articulate Storyline. This example has been stripped of all client content and branding; the basic functionalities, however, remain in place for illustrative purposes.

In this client’s particular case, a medical device was being shipped to various facilities around the world. There were several dozen customizable components on the device, depending on the facility’s needs and requirements. As such, creating customized training courses that accurately covered each of the over 10,000 possible configurations was not feasible, and the client wished to eliminate the need for an expensive Learning Content Management System (LCMS).

The result is an E-Learning course that relies on a complex series of triggers and variables to function. When a learner selects a particular customization option, that content is shown in the following training along with any other related screens, learning checks or other components (which are similarly tagged). Content that is not selected is not shown.

Additionally, a related product was developed with the assistance of a programmer. This version uses an external application to edit and republish the XML course manifest, allowing an administrator to create a new course without using the training development software. This new course could then be pushed to learners via a web portal, LMS or other system.

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