Rising Son, a Novel

  • Rising Son, a Novel

Rising Son, a Novel

When Alex decided to pursue full-time freelancing, one of the projects he was most excited to work on was authoring a novel. Over the course of five months, he wrote two back-to-back novels, part of a planned tetralogy. The first, “Rising Son,” is currently available on all leading e-book platforms as well as on-demand printing via Amazon.com’s Create Space.

“Rising Son” tells the futuristic story of a young man torn between his family’s legacy and his own hopes and dreams. Scarred at birth by a brain shunt to correct hydrocephalus, he is rendered cold and emotionless. But when an extraterrestrial craft lands in the Panama Canal, he learns that the shunt in his brain is key to deciphering their encrypted language. Helping humanity places him at odds with his family’s eco-terorrism cult, and he must select a single path forward.

The second book in the series, “Wax Works,” is currently in editing.