Favorite images snapped by Alex, with information about date, time and story attached to each.

  • The Road Up Cadillac Mountain

    The road that curls along Cadillac Mountain–the tallest peak in Acadia National Park–is a windy one.  Lined with tooth-like shards of ruddy granite and frequented by cool, salty fogs that rise up off Frenchman Bay, the curvy byway is a treacherous route. But for those who wish to visit the tree-hugged summit of the mountain, it […]

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  • Sunset over Mount Katahdin

    As one of the most-photographed natural features in the state of Maine, it might seem disturbingly easy for Mount Katahdin to lose its luster. Fortunately, the majestic peak reinvents itself, much like the entirety of the rugged Maine landscape, keeping its image fresh and beautiful each and every moment. Whether viewed at sunrise or sunset (as depicted in […]

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