Award-winning, passionate marketing professional with strong communications and creative production background spanning over eight years. Outstanding results in a variety of environments directly supporting local and global organizational requirements. Creation of high-caliber content (including video pieces, infographics, print collateral, interactive courseware and websites) on tight deadlines for Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Government (B2G) purposes. Capacity to thrive in dynamic environments requiring rapid development of error-free products. Eager to incorporate new and emerging technologies and methodologies whenever feasible. Motivated team member with positive, solution-driven, success-oriented attitude.

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January 2015 - Present

Media & Marketing Manager

  • Lead marketing and digital media initiatives while supporting multiple client projects as a developer and instructional designer.
  • Lead REALSCAPE Group’s custom B2B marketing and proposal writing initiatives while liaising with executive leadership. Support numerous clients including DXC Technology [formerly Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE)], Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals, MasterCard, State Farm, Sentinel Data Centers and Desjardins with their production requirements.
  • · Designed and developed custom infographics on epilepsy, sales leadership and neurological topics for Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals, often with one- or two-day total project durations.
    · Delivered series of V-Learning modules for mobile pricing app, yielding praise from high-level executives at CSC (and later DXC), a multi-national Fortune 500 technology firm..
    · Led, designed, developed and maintained 100-screen E-Learning course for a client’s new desktop pricing and corporate accounting application while it was in agile development.
    · Created 675 pages of ILT and job aid content in two-week period for urgent Salesforce training for wealth management firm.

Freelance Marketing & Professional Writing

January 2011 - Present


  • Provide professional writing, web development and marketing support for short-, mid- and long-term projects spanning a number of clients in a diverse group of industries.
  • Procure new clients on a rolling basis through networking and parallel methods while maintaining ongoing relationships with current customers. Devise and implement project plans that meet budget, timeline and functionality requirements of each individual client. Design, write, edit, refine, present and deliver all customer products, ranging from Electronic Learning (E-Learning) courseware, printable marketing collateral and sell sheets to full websites, microsites and social media campaigns. See Select Freelance Experience section for a small sample of client list.
  • · Developed new landing page and downloadable product sheet single-handedly with production schedule of 2.5 weeks for education technology firm.
    · Led six-month social media project for tourism board that resulted in four-digit traffic increases on all platforms, including a viral Facebook post that garnered 14,000+ views and dozens of shares.
    · Created portfolio website for client that resulted in recruitment and hiring at desired firm within four weeks of site launch.
    · Development of highly regulated 60-100-screen E-Learning courses with 1-2 week turnarounds for large corporation, with 3-4 courses produced monthly.

Systems Documentation, Inc. (SDI)

December 2009 - November 2014

Sales & Marketing Associate

  • Progressed from Marketing Writer to a position of significantly greater responsibility leading corporate marketing strategies. As required, developed documentation and training products while maintaining positive client relationships.
  • Developed written and digital marketing materials including sell sheets, brochures, proposals, white papers, press releases and newsletters. Maintained corporate style and voice across disparate content libraries. Interfaced with multiple departments including graphic design, videography, narration, animation and programming. Liaised with US-based and international project groups to manage cohesive marketing and branding message. Conducted market research and trend analysis for product development and enhancement cycles. Managed quality assurance and tracked change matrices. Coordinated employee motivation via bi-monthly newsletters. Provided documentation and training project support, including designing, writing, editing and delivering E-Learning and Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courseware as well as providing web development and some programming support, as needed.
  • · Overnight, successfully revised, reprogrammed and delivered entire 75+ screen E-Learning course for the US Department of Defense that required ground-up revisions, resulting in client satisfaction and personal commendation from company president.
    · Produced, led and instructed highly technical ILT courseware for complex server products. Learned new Operating System (OS) and product-specific technical details within one month to successfully deliver courses to overseas engineers.
    · Jumpstarted campaigns to create marketing materials for SDI, including websites, microsites and printed brochures and presentation decks. Created on-demand, tailored marketing materials highlighting SDI’s offerings as required, often daily.
    · Guided comprehensive B2B e-mail marketing campaign for E-Learning product, Doctrina. Assisted with implementation for new / returning clients. Produced Doctrina pilots that generated subsequent sales.
    · Initiated and maintained repeat business for interactive training modules for several large clients through carefully crafted copy, impeccable production quality and deadline-cognizant deliveries.
    · Developed marketing materials and supported proposal to secure $400,000 US Government project in April 2013.
    · Created training pilot courseware and all supporting collateral campaign materials to support $85,000 corporate training project, plus several follow-on efforts for tangential product lines.
    · Revised former Government Solutions website content with SEO keyword-rich copy, leading to immediate 120% increase in views.
    · Successfully supported account turnaround for existing large client, drafting strategy documents and related “get well” plans. Helped revise content development strategies, yielding continued business and client satisfaction.

ONE New England Magazine

August 2010 - November 2012


  • Monthly columnist and photographer for New England-based magazine.
  • Wrote monthly pieces for the magazine covering a number of regional topics. Drafted self-guided editorial calendar. Wrote all pieces and submitted for editorial review ahead of deadline. Scouting and shooting of all accompanying photography.
  • · Published over 20 articles and numerous photographs to cover Northern Maine culture, events and dining reviews.
    · Columns frequently lauded by editorial leadership as top-viewed content on magazine’s website.
    · Recognized for consistently high quality of work that required few (if any) edits each month.


February 2011 - February 2012

Freelance Content Developer

  • Freelance contributor to website’s database of farms, markets, restaurants and other related establishments across the United States.
  • Researched, reviewed and added new listings to database, 20 hours weekly. Supported related editorial projects as tasked by organizational leadership.
  • · Met and exceeded submission time metrics.
    · Adhered to rigid style requirements with minimal guidance.

May 2009 - November 2009

Content Analyst

  • Led team to produce all of’s editorial content, including website copy, microsite content, social media posts, blogs, video scripts and relocation guides. Implemented metrics-based project management and motivation strategies for maximum performance.
  • Tasked with focusing and maintaining the voice and brand of as key editorial director for the company’s US-based content team and overseas researchers. Assigned, wrote, edited, managed and maintained all content pieces, including team liaison work with video and web development teams. Instituted efficient process flow for content creation from development through review sessions and publication. Supported content for the core website as well as over 200 microsites.
  • · Developed list of 130+ moving guides and strategy for researching topics, creating content, manipulating in multiple formats and tracking for SEO and SMO purposes. Content helped sustain moving season traffic after Labor Day.
    · Maintained suite of marketing materials for Edited materials as requested by CEO and / or project manager.
    · Personally recruited and mentored team of three writers (including one writer promoted from intern) to generate all editorial content, an average of 150-200 original pages per week. 100% of team members retained throughout entire period of performance.
    · Developed press release that garnered coverage in the New York Times for October 2009 article about relocation trends.
    · Heavily supported partnerships with HomeAid and to further extend’s network.

New Jersey Life Magazine

August 2008 - December 2008

Editorial Intern

  • Supported editors and publisher with development of magazine’s content, including content for special Weddings issue. Represented the magazine at high-end marketing events.
  • Wrote, edited and researched content as required to support the editor-in-chief, managing editor, associate editor and web editor of the magazine. Coordinated photo shoots and collection of media assets suitable for print-quality publication with significant regional subscription base. Edited catalog of dining venues. Performed archival and correspondence tasking as required.
  • · Edited the magazine’s “Little Black Book,” a B2C catalog of over 500 restaurants and food-focused shops located around the state of New Jersey. Published in multiple issues of the magazine.
    · Credited with numerous bylines and story contributions in four separate issues. Listed in masthead for contributions.
    · Supported layout needs using Adobe software, including InDesign, to track high-resolution photography and side bar content.
    · Conducted interviews with specialized small business owners, such as a local peony farmer, to create successful, engaging features that appealed to magazine readership.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

August 2007 - December 2007


  • Worked as reporter for the South Jersey bureau of the Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • Covered breaking news and lifestyles pieces in the Camden, Cherry Hill and surrounding areas. Researched stories and conducted interviews in the field. Drafted stories using newsroom content management system.
  • · Featured on first page of weekend local edition with story about invasive brown marmorated stinkbugs.
    · Reported on college murder as part of journalistic team, garnering praise from the editor-in-chief.
    · Published as byline or contributor on approximately one dozen stories during autumn internship.


  • The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ (08/2005 – 05/2009)
  • · Graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Journalism and Professional Writing. Minored in French. Completed Honors Program.
    · Participated in numerous extra-curricular organizations as editor-in-chief, president, vice president and publicist roles.
    · Worked as an intern at the Philadelphia Inquirer and New Jersey Life magazine to gain real-world professional writing experience.
  • Waldwick High School, Waldwick, NJ (09/2001 – 06/2005)
  • · Graduated valedictorian of 2005 class.
    · Editor of school newspaper and magazine; leader of multiple other clubs and organizations including President of school’s chapter of the National Honor Society.


Excellence in General Areas
  • · Expert copywriting for print, web and interactive projects.
    · Brand strategy development and implementation.
    · E-Learning / training development, leadership and mentorship.
    · Inter-team liaison and professional communications conduit.
    · Project management and administration experience.
    · Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.
    · Social Media Optimization (SMO) success techniques.
    · Strong graphic design support and direction.
    · Creative thinking bolstered with feasibility and requirements analysis.
    · Innovative problem solving through analysis and collaboration.

Awards & Publications

Select Accolades
  • · TCNJ Professional Writing Award, 2008.
    · Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholar.
    · US Department of Education President’s Award.
    · Xerox Award in Humanities.
    · I/ITSEC 2010 & 2011 paper acceptances and ghost writing.
    · Dredging ends, but not debate, Philadelphia Inquirer, 09/2007.
    · The Good Life, New Jersey Life Magazine, 12/2008.
    · North of Downeast, ONE New England Magazine, 09/2010.

Software & Tools

Skill Set Expertise
  • · Microsoft Office (all versions), including Publisher and Outlook.
    · Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, InDesign and Acrobat.
    · Collaborative workspace environment best practices, including Skype, open-source IM, Lync, Yahoo IM and SharePoint.
    · Articulate Storyline, Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate.
    · Audacity audio editor.
    · Video editing software.
    · Google Analytics and Google Documents.
    · WordPress, Joomla! and Blogger platforms.
    · Sugar Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) administration.
    · Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) administration.
    · HTML, HTML5, PHP and CSS experience.
    · Basic Flash / ActionScript.
    · Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems (including command line interfaces and advanced features).
    · Project Management Professional (PMP) best practices.
    · AP Style (expert); APA Style (proficient).
    · Content Management System (CMS) installation, administration and use.
    · Web development software (including Frontpage).
    · Photography and video capture.
    · File transfer utilities (FileZilla, FTP best practices).
    · Social media platforms for marketing / brand purposes.

Freelance Clients

Select List
  • · Piazza Advertising – E-mail campaigns and social media strategy.
    · – Daily content development and editorial work.
    · Interior Travels – Innovative collateral, web development and social media strategy.
    · Dr. Michele Tarter – Marketing materials and web development.
    · Salon Nouveau II – Web development consultations.
    · Pittsburgh D-Fence – Web and content development.
    · Euro Equine Imports – Collateral and content development.
    · Maguire Associates – Collateral, web and content development.
    · Northern Maine Development Commission – Social media strategy and daily implementation for six months.
    · Aeris Marketing – Daily submission of five quality articles.
    · – Monthly newsletter development.
    · – Site development and maintenance.
    · i3 TECH – Marketing material development and strategy.

Random Questions & Randomer Still Answers

Where can I see more of Alex's work?

A great question!  To see samples of Alex’s work, check out his portfolio on this site.  Though he can’t show you everything (he takes his clients’ confidentiality VERY seriously), he does have up a wide range of publicly available samples, as well as some generic content created just for this site.  If you have any questions about the work you see, don’t hesitate to give him a ring.

What about references, hmm?

Alex would be happy to provide references for his work, his character, his culinary skills, his favorite television shows, you name it.  Just get in touch with him and he’ll shuttle the relevant information over to you tout de suite (that’s French for right away).

I see some totally rad images and media on this site. Can I snag some?

Well…  The short answer is: please don’t.  Some of the content here isn’t the kind Alex can let you reuse.  All of the stuff is his own, and he’s particular about mooching.  But if you ask him nicely, Alex has been known to graciously share and help connect you with what you’re looking for.  Throw in a smile and he’ll be hard-pressed to refuse.

Is Alex flexible with his service offerings?

Of course! If you think your project might be in his swim lanes, chances are: it is. Some examples of less common types of work he’s excelled at include: resume formatting and editing, ghost writing short memoirs and personal accounts, essay editing, English tutoring, drafting business forms (such as articles of incorporation and registrations) and evaluating employment candidates’ written materials for a variety of positions. If your project includes any type of writing, editing, marketing or design elements, Alex will be happy to take a listen and offer up his thoughts on how to best proceed.

Are ALL the images on this site Alex's own snaps?

Yup, excepting the amazing Font Awesome iconography.  All the other stuff is original, unique, one-of-a-kind digital content by Mr. Seise himself.  He likes playing around with his digital camera; what more can he say?

Is Alex available for hire?

Absolutely! But a word of caution: it’s best to get in touch with him earlier rather than later. His short-term schedule is usually quite heavy, and he tends to support multiple projects each and every week. Still, it never hurts to reach out and see what openings he has. Alex would love to hear from you and work on a project plan that makes you both happy!

Where is Alex based?

Alex lives in Harpswell, Maine, about 10 minutes from Maine Street in Brunswick, 35 minutes from downtown Portland and 40 minutes from the heart of Augusta. He is available for on-site consultations and work anywhere in that radius. However, even if you’re a bit further away, do not fret; he works remotely for clients in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, California and France.

How does Alex handle web development projects?

This is probably the most frequent question that Alex is asked! For all web development projects, he is responsible for setting up the site structure, aesthetics, content (either fresh or edited, as required) and making any other media and content upgrades needed to launch. All hosting, domain and software fees (such as templates) are the client’s obligation. Once purchased, Alex requires access to the associated account to set up an FTP user and any related databases; then, he works his magic. That’s it, that’s all: it couldn’t be easier!

How about maintenance?

If you have a project that requires regular (or semi-regular) maintenance, Alex will let you know what he thinks will be required to keep everything in tip-top shape. Then, you can decide how you’d like to move forward. For smaller items (such as “How do I do this, again?” or “Help! I broke something!”), Alex is happy to provide free tips and pointers on an ad hoc basis to keep his satisfied clients happy. But that’s not something he usually encounters; at the end of all web development projects, he provides clients with a short instruction manual with walkthroughs and hints about how to do most maintenance in-house to save money. Now THAT’s customer service done right!

I bought one of Alex's books. Can he autograph it for me?

Well, bless your stars: Alex appreciates your patronage, and he hopes you enjoy your read!  Absolutely: he would be happy to sign it for you. Get in touch with him via the contact page of this site, and together, you’ll be able to figure out the logistics.

Have more questions for Alex?


Fire ’em off using the contact form on this site, and Alex will get back to you right away with the best answer. Depending on his project load that particular week, it may take up to five business days for a response; however, most questions are addressed within two days. Thanks for your interest!

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