Graphic Design

Deployment of graphical best practices to enhance the impact of outstanding content.

  • Lecture Series Collateral Suite

    Every year around Halloween, Dr. Michele Lise Tarter presents a lecture about witches, women through the ages and all things magic. It is a fascinating evening filled with history, haunting tales of injustice and the wisdom of women through the ages. When Dr. Tarter wanted to expand the lecture beyond New Jersey, she requested Alex’s […]

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  • Multi-Language Training

    These days, business is no longer a local, brick-and-mortar affair; it’s global. With such a tremendous territory comes the need for cultural and linguistic localization, particularly for distributed teams and customer bases. The multi-language training demo shown here was created by Alex Seise as a sample functionality for E-Learning courses. It was not created in […]

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  • E-Learning Course Customization

    In response to a request from a large medical distributor, Alex Seise developed the following training capability within Articulate Storyline. This example has been stripped of all client content and branding; the basic functionalities, however, remain in place for illustrative purposes. In this client’s particular case, a medical device was being shipped to various facilities […]

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